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Iowa State Chapter Named DU’s Top Chapter

For the first time in our chapter’s history, the Iowa State DU Chapter won Delta Upsilon’s Sweepstakes Award. This is the award presented to the top overall DU chapter at the annual Leadership Institute (LI). This year’s LI took place in New Orleans. Nine undergraduates and four alums were there to accept the award on the chapter’s behalf.

In addition to the Sweepstakes Award, the chapter came home with other significant honors and recognition, including:

  • Chapter President Nick Lee was elected as the Undergraduate Advisory Board Representative for DU’s Province 4
  • The Chapter was named a top CEP chapter in the following areas: Academic Excellence, Associate Member Education and Operational Excellence
  • The Chapter won the Innovative Member Development Award
  • Chapter President Nick Lee and Vice President of Member Education Ryan Poppert were each awarded a $1,000 McQuaid Scholarship
  • The Chapter was recognized as the second highest fundraising chapter for DU’s Global Service Initiative, raising nearly $3,700
  • Vice President Graham Owen was named a finalist for the Distinguished Undergraduate Award, which is given to DU’s top undergraduate member
  • The chapter was named a finalist for the Sweepstakes Award for the 7th straight year before winning the award

The 2020-2021 school year was very challenging for all fraternities due to COVID-19 and our chapter was no exception. Our undergraduate men did not use COVID-19 as an excuse and continued to improve the chapter in multiple areas. The chapter achieved a 3.31 chapter GPA, volunteered more than 25 hours per member and raised a significant amount of money for DU’s philanthropy, Global Service Initiative. This all led to the most successful year for our chapter since DU returned to Iowa State’s campus nearly 10 years ago. Please help us congratulate our undergraduate chapter for an extremely successful school year!

Noah Stenberg Wins 2021 Outstanding New Member Award

Noah Stenberg, ’24

We are excited to announce that Noah Stenberg has won the 2021 Outstanding New Member Award. Noah was one of the first members of his spring class to sign his bid with Delta Upsilon and has fit naturally into the fraternity since then. Having signed with us before the start of the spring semester when he transferred to Iowa State, Noah moved directly into the chapter house and made himself at home.

In his first semester at Iowa State, Noah started off on the right foot by taking responsibility for his academics first and foremost. Noah was able to achieve a 3.27 GPA. He also did his part as an active member of our kitchen crew and has volunteered to lead our kitchen crew in the fall. Noah was not shy in building relationships with his new DU brothers. He could often be seen with the guys, starting a bonfire on the patio, or grilling out on a nice day. He also got involved in Greek Week and Lip Sync as a member of our team’s performance.

Noah has shown his interest and ability to be a leader in Delta Upsilon by building relationships with brothers beyond his pledge class. He has also shown an ability to adapt quickly to new surroundings during the challenging circumstances of COVID. Noah is a great example of an outstanding associate member. Please help us in congratulating Noah for his hard work and dedication.

Nate Nebel Wins 2021 Chev Adams Award

Nate Nebel, 21

Congratulations to Nate Nebel ’21 for winning the Chev Adams Award presented to the most outstanding senior of Iowa State’s Delta Upsilon Chapter. Nate has been an active DU member since his initiation and that did not change during his senior year. It is not often that we have a senior member as active as Nate.

During the fall semester, Nate served as DU’s Vice President of Compliance. In this role, Nate was in charge of ensuring our DU Chapter stayed compliant with Delta Upsilon International’s Men of Merit standards. These standards include items such as service hours, educational programming attendance and the Chapter Excellence Plan (CEP). CEP is a set of tasks that are to be completed by each chapter (organizational tasks, educational tasks, academic tasks, etc.).

Nate’s results speak for themselves. As the co-leader of our community service effort, he lead the effort to give community service opportunities to our Chapter. During the fall semester, our Chapter completed nearly 1,300 combined service hours, which resulted in more than 15 hours per member. This is well above DU International’s aspirational level of 10 hours per member. As part of our CEP completion, Nate led this effort to put the Iowa State Chapter in 4th place out of 67 chapters in the current DU International CEP standings.

During spring semester, Nate was the Chair of our Life Committee. This committee is dedicated to the mental health of our members. Nate has lead sessions in our Chapter Meetings and has given our members an opportunity to discuss this uncomfortable topic. He has excelled in this. Nate has also created a Brothers In Need Appendix which is a document that lists mental health resources available on campus and off campus.

Outside of DU, Nate has maintained a 3.64 cumulative GPA while majoring in Advertising. Nate has been a member of the Emerging Fraternal Leadership Council and Fraternal Values Society while at Iowa State. Congratulations to Nate on being awarded the 2021 Chev Adams Award and good luck to Nate in his next adventure!