Welcome to our Memorial Page with obituaries of brothers who have recently passed away. Please share a story about your brother in the comments section below. If you would like to make a Memorial Donation, please use the Colonnades Club link below. In the Notes section, please share who you are memorializing with your donation.


Recent Obituaries:

Ronald Genter ’58 (1936-2022)

William Heine ’60 (1938-2022)

Gary Stufflebeam ’71 (1949-2022)

Richard “Mark” Evans ’72 (1950-2022):

Herb Harmison ’62 (1933-2022):

Shale Nyberg ’81 (1960 – 2022)

Bryan Kinnamon ’69 (1946 – 2022)

Robert Borgmeyer ’51 (1929-2021):


John Carson

We want to enable brothers to comment and share memories when a brother passes. Listing obits on the page for later review is another objective.

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