Vision, Mission, Motto & Principles

DU Coat of Arms


Our Vision is that Delta Upsilon is the premier men’s fraternity committed to Building Better Men for a global society through service, leadership development and lifelong personal growth for our diverse membership.



Building Better Men



“Dikaia Upotheke” Justice, Our Foundation


Four Founding Principles

Focusing on our non-secret heritage we strive to live-out the following principles:

The Promotion of Friendship

We believe that the friendships you make during your time at college can be as valuable as the degree that you earn. Delta Upsilon encourages its members to strive for social excellence by developing friendships with a variety of people and learning the social skills necessary to carry-on meaningful conversations with strangers. These skills are integral to a successful and healthy life.

The Development of Character

A man’s character is defined by his values and his ability to act in accordance with those values. Every man who joins our fraternity takes a non-secret oath that commits him to a clearly defined set of values. It is the job of every member in the fraternity to then hold himself and his brothers accountable to that oath. Also, because Delta Upsilon is the only non-secret fraternity, we encourage everybody to hold us accountable to our oath.

The Diffusion of Liberal Culture

The Diffusion of Liberal Culture is every member’s duty to experience and learn about the world around him, and then share those experiences with others. We encourage our members to be renaissance men, well-versed in the sciences and the arts alike. Men become more culturally liberal by engaging in and learning about the many experiences the world has to offer them. College is a great time to start, if you have not already, exploring those opportunities and the fraternity should help you in developing your thinking and discovering new interests.

The Advancement of Justice

It was the mission of our founders, in forming the first and only non-secret and social fraternity, to start an organization that combated the injustices of secret organizations on the campus of Williams College. Today, 175 years later, our focus has shifted, but we are as committed as ever to the advancement of justice. Our men are dedicated to service and philanthropy and are engaged in the many issues facing our society and world.