The Trophy Room is where many DUs study.

Academic success is very important to our chapter. Each semester from spring 2014 through today our average chapter GPA has been 3.00 or higher. The VP of Academics is tasked with ensuring every DU has the tools they need to succeed academically. We celebrate academic success and provide tools for further success with the following:

  • Mentor Program: Each fall all new DUs are paired with an alumni mentor whose career path matches the general career interests of the undergrad. Part of the Mentor Program is focused on academics and the other part is focused on settling into Delta Upsilon and Iowa State.
  • Academic Success Dinner: At the beginning of every semester we have an Academic Success Dinner for the entire chapter. At this dinner we celebrate DUs who succeeded in their academics during the previous semester and DUs who greatly improved from semester to semester. Every DU who makes the Dean’s List (3.50 or higher) is rewarded with a steak dinner.
  • Academic Success Center Workshop: Each semester we invite someone from the Academic Success Center to give a workshop to the entire chapter on academic strategies and academic resources on campus.
  • Academic Review Board: The Academic Review Board is in place to work with DUs who are struggling academically. The board is made up of the VP of Academics, the Chapter Advisor, the Graduate Assistant and older DUs who have proven to be successful with their academics. The board will meet with DUs who need to improve and help them put together an academic success plan.