Greek Community Involvement

DU brothers participating in Yell Like Hell

Each year, the chapter takes part in many Greek Community traditions at Iowa State. Two of the big events for the community are Homecoming and Greek Week. During Homecoming week, sororities and fraternities are split into teams to compete with each other in various events while also raising money for charitable causes, such as Lutheran Services of Iowa. One of the most famous Iowa State Homecoming traditions is Yell Like Hell. Each team writes their own skit while practicing it during most of the fall semester. Part of the skit will relate to Iowa State history and traditions.

Greek Week is the major event the chapter participates in during spring semester. The goal of Greek Week is to unite the Greek Community and celebrate its successes. Like Homecoming, sororities and fraternities are split into teams to compete in Lip Sync and the Greek Olympics. Lip Sync is an original skit that each team writes then performs in front of the whole Greek Community. Greek Olympics are various games organized as a tournament and competition. During Greek Week, the whole Greek Community participates in Polar Bear Plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics of Iowa. The week concludes with an awards ceremony for various Greek Week and community wide awards.