Why DU?

DU Chapter House, 117 Ash Avenue

Delta Upsilon is an international men’s fraternity founded in 1834 at Williams College. All DU chapters are strictly non-secret and non-hazing. We are proud to be the world’s only international fraternity committed to sharing our ideals, symbols and rituals openly. DU brothers are committed to Building Better Men through our four founding principles of Friendship, Character, Culture & Justice.

The Iowa State DU chapter was founded on December 6, 1913 and re-organized in Fall 2013. Since our re-organization we have had a focus on alumni engagement and a substance free living environment. We have 10 alumni advisors, a new member alumni mentoring program and an active alumni board named the Colonnades. Each summer the undergraduate chapter and over 75 DU alumni gather in Ames for Escape to 117 Ash. We also publish The Open Visor alumni newsletter twice each year. Our chapter house at 117 Ash Avenue is a “dry” house with drugs and alcohol prohibited.

All DU brothers are expected to place academics as their top priority. Each year we educate our brothers on the academic resources available to them. We like to celebrate our academic successes while also holding each other accountable. To learn more about our academic program, visit our Academics Page.

Our chapter raises money for Global Service Initiative, the primary non-profit organization for all DU chapters across North America. We raise funds through two philanthropic events, Delta Scoopsilon and DU Donuts. Visit our Philanthropy Page to learn about Global Service Initiative and our philanthropic events.

It is expected that all brothers serve the community for at least 30 hours every year. We participate in service events together, but we also expect our brothers to complete service events individually. Our Community Service Page goes into depth on the community service projects our chapter is affiliated with.

We are active in Greek events such as Homecoming, Varieties, and Greek Week. We have intramural teams in football, softball, basketball, hockey and other events. DU members stay involved in many activities because we believe this helps build better men. The philosophy of keeping involved goes with our slogan of “A DU in everything and every DU in something.” Visit our Greek Community Involvement Page to learn about DU’s Greek Community achievements.

We hope you are interested in joining DU! If you are, fill out the Join DU Form and a member of our recruitment team will be in touch with you.